Thursday, December 23, 2010

As the year ends...

The year 2010 was fast and furious.

A lot of memories have been accommulated and a lot have been forgotten. This year opens up new opportunities and some have already been closed while others have been ignored. Many friends have tried connecting and communicating while there are some that plainly ignored any action done.

The year has been the coldest while at the same time the hottest. Everyday of the year seems lonely while a lot of the hot stuff are out of reach or unreasonable.

Each challenge that had passed had the worthy effort of just accomplishing, overcoming, and succeeding over them while a few had just been left behind.

Many of the hours for the whole year was spent on this chair I am wrecking while at home deserved the numerous effort.

Almost everyone I know feels something different about this year. Different in a such a way that everything is turning too fast, too extra-ordinary, too diverse, almost everything's totally new.

A new government had been installed, a new hope for the people had always been wished while the same people, the same attitude, the same strategy, the same faces are seen and witnessed in any public office.

This new year, as it comes, will be more different, more difficult than this passing year. Getting ahead means doing more.

As the year ends and a new one coming, a new me must be born again -- new strategies, new thinking, new opportunities, new ways of looking up things -- they call this growing up.