Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mistakes do not stop me

I am very sure I'll be committing mistakes, it will not stop me.

Mistakes are consequences of doing, they should not prevent anyone to move further. If you acknowledge a mistake before it happens, you will have the presence of mind to avoid it. If not, it's an accident.

No matter, a mistake, as a result of an action, should also not be taken lightly. Be responsible by acknowledging it, internalize by knowing why and how it happened, and learn from it. Any repairs or actions related to it should be proactive moves such that you are committing to strive at least to avoid another in the future.

Further, mistakes makes us human. Do not aim for it, try to avoid it, and just keep moving forward. There is no justice for mistakes than the lessons it offers after if it happens or not.

Endure through mistakes and no mistakes will be greater than the success you will soon harvest.

Persist and never cease to strive and be better.