Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Backup your copyrighted DVDs

I usually get this request from upstairs about backing up encrypted or copyrighted DVDs. I know I have done it many times but it fails to remind just how to do it every time.


  1. So I always have this Daemon Tools Lite that allows me to mount .iso file as virtual CD/DVD drives.
  2. I always have the codecs from CCP-Project to use the classic media player instead of the new one
  3. I also have Infrarecorder  to do copying and writing tasks
  4. For those copyrighted and encrypted DVDs, i have DVD Decrypter
  5. For some instances I also have imgBurn. This however may conflict with DVD Decrypter or Infrarecorder if not installed properly
  1. Firstly, make sure that the DVD is worthy -- meaning readable and functional, void of physical damage that may ruin the show. You cannot copy if you can't play it.
  2. Copy the DVD to an .iso using InfraRecorder. The read speed may have to be tweaked to use below the maximum.
  3. Try mounting the .iso file using DaemonTools and make sure that it plays just like the original. If problems exist, it's time to call on the other tools.
  4. From the mounted .iso or virtual drive, right click and see "Decrypt using DVDDecrypter". Just follow the next steps, find a nice target location and proceed to extract the content. If it is a DVD video disc, it will copy just the .vob files.
  5. Write the .vob files to a DVD using imgBurn. You might want to save DVDs by writing them to another .iso file
  6. If all is well with the decryption, iso and playing the mounted iso, you're ready to burn to a physical DVD or to another media.
Feel free to post on the comments if you need assistance.