Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A peep at Windows 8

Just got a copy of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO from here.

Installed on my VMWare Workstation:
- 120 GB HDD - might use a few more gig later
- 1GB RAM (recommended based on my physical machine capacity)
- bridged network so I can update later

From boot, the teal-green color floods the screen and then the fish... that's something new from MS.. though, I've seen a lot of MS wallpaper and screensaver that feature fishes.

As it loads, white dots appear and goes in circle to mimic a loading sequence.

A few more seconds comes up the seemingly familiar Windows 7 setup screen. Keys are in and just waited until the Personalize teal-blue colored screen comes up.

Type in the computer name, press Next, towards the Settings menu. I'll go for an expressed settings.

Type in the username and towards the Finalizing your settings window.

The five white dots runs through a circle and it prepares to welcome me, about 3 minutes after powering it up. After a couple of minutes waiting, the tiles come up and I'm ready for a spin.

Solid colors are nice, Dragged and dropped to re-arrange the tiles. Went to the store and while I'm not yet connected, there goes the error/advice.

But hey, where and what would I to go back to the menu screen? Oh, there.. I moved the cursor by the top of the page, and as it turned to a hand, I push the button, dragged the page that, by then, it re-sized to a thumbnail. As I move around, move the tile to the bottom, and whew! I came back to the tile menu.

Now, I have to configure my network so I can connect to the Internet. But how? I started clicking some buttons/tiles that may lead me there.. First, my name on the top-right, nope.. none.. Next, the Fish... led me to a more familiar screen: The old Windows 7 desktop without the Start button at the bottom-left. Went through the net-icon on the status bar.

The network device seems not to be recognized, so I decided to restart after a while.  The restart took awhile before the tile-menu.

Checking on the VMWare Tools from the VM Menu, it says it's not available. I have to wait for the VMWare Workstation 8 update for any luck..