Thursday, March 5, 2009

Coping with new things

Software engineers working on a system long enough finds a hard time to incorporate a lot of the great new things like -- new framework, new strategies, new libraries -- whether they are useful to the system or not.

No wonder why a lot of programmers still stick to their programming languages -- as they are busy working on systems -- they are most familiar and can develop in a flash. Being a master of just one makes you an expert with it. But, wouldn't you be the dinosaur a lot of people are looking for? Or, are the you owner of every new thing in town -- a fashionist, a trend-setter?

However, learning new things should be innate to be logical. Making it through and working it out should be the challenge.

It doesn't really matter. Today's technologies comes so fast and some don't last too long -- too long that others may have mastered it faster than you while using it on your daily routines. So, mastering one thing is just one thing, knowing to adopt to the changes is but another.

And the saga continues

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