Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Concerned Plumber

Being new at a city, a plumber, who's workplace is around the corner, rented a room at the first floor on a four-storey building. Starting on the next day, he would go out early to catch up his ride to his workplace and from work, he'll dip himself to the lone bed in his room.

One day, he woke up hearing some water dripping just next to his bathroom. We wondered if he left the faucet on the night before. He got up, guided by the familiar sound of the water dripping, led him to see that the water was coming from the ceiling. The problem is just not his own right to fix and do it right. So, he decided to talk to the building owner and suggested that he can take care of it at the expense of the owner or the occupant of the room above his.

The owner agreed and so he finished his work early at his workplace to give himself some time to take a look at the seemingly plumbing problem. He walked-up the stair and find his way to the room in question. He knocked cautiously not wanting to alarm anyone. The door opened to a few months old baby crying to its heart out carried by his mother while asking the stranger what he wants. The plumber obediently went in and calmly expressed his concern about the water leaking through the floor. As busy as the mother trying to ease up the baby crying, she just motioned to the guest to just go ahead and take a look at it himself.

The guest went through a sea-full of different toys and stuff cluttered on the floor and through a separate room leading to the kitchen. To his surprise, there really isn't any plumbing that needs to be done -- the kitchen sink is full of dishes and a few more stuffs and the faucet is left open.

As the concerned and affected plumber, what would be the best way to solve the problem?

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