Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mobile development taking some curves

Adobe announced today that they're killing mobile Flash development.

This is received differently by different group of people - developers, reviewers, hackers, and even Jobs enthusiasts. Some believe and titled their articles as if Steve Jobs really killed Flash with his persistent denial of Flash's existence and importance in the horizon -- to put Flash out any near his turf. A few more comments that Flash may not just go away easily and it may take some time to actually "die". In between, some developers feel aweful about their expertise with Actionscript and Flash development -- real investment seemingly going to trashbins. The other side of the fence goes saying AS is basically ECMAScript and that switching to Javascript wouldn't hurt a lot.

Along all the sides of the differing point of views, there's this me. Just started out liking development with Flash Builder 4.5 with the ability to retain and enhance my PHP skills and adjust to AS and Flex. Actually, most of what I've done is just following video tutorials using the provided example projects. Whenever I tried changing the samples with the data I could use for my own application, something just goes awefully wrong.

Great time last week was spent working on a solution on why suddenly I can't start a project other than for Android OS - no iOS, no Blackberry -- I was stucked. Got it miraculously working after OS re-installation, which it really is not a factor in the solution equation. Got it working after forceful update to version 4.5.1.

A few days back, most hours after the whole day's work were spent trying to make the ZendFramework work for the PHP class I've developed from scratch just to come up with the basic structure for a DataService configuration I have tried during the first few days of the toturials. To this day, I really doesn't know to make it work.. Stuck.

Despite the seatback and the not-so-good timely news of Adobe's killing Flash, There's some light in the horizon: "package native apps with Adobe AIR for all major app stores". Build one, deploy to all.. That's pretty good!!!

The other side of the fence of developers, developing not from the native code, would mean performance penalties and sacrifices. These performance penalties may be quite OK with hardware devices overcoming the penalties (e.g.: a 1.2Ghz with a 800Mhz output). Might be OK or awefully bad.

A good time to expand the horizon and pool more options.

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