Thursday, May 9, 2013

... and the election's almost over

Ugh! the trouble! the hazzle!... If you put the hype in a graph, statistics' normal curve almost does not apply. Pre-election time, it's way too long a time that the hype(equals preparation and campaign) is so intense. So intense that bans for guns and others are so commonly ignored and violated, with so little a number of apprehended and served justice. So intense that media -- paper, tv, radio, and the Internet -- is so undated with issues and concerns over and beyond election. Both incumbent and aspiring politicians have promises and so-called platforms they wish to bring forth to the governed public. So many that when elected, almost the same number wave through death and silence. And then, it gets used again on their next run for the same and so-much-acclaimed incomplete implementation of the plans. This next couple of days will be the height of the hype -- more noise and acts of baboons. And just before the days ends on May 13, the hype curve will dive... The next two days, it just plainly die... A few weeks come and we all forgot about the platforms and promises they uttered during the campaign --- and seemingly the candidate who were "asking" to be elected succumbed to amnesia and on to their personal goals. There are those that try to push for the suspension and even the stoppage of the election. There are those who just kill their opponents so there will be no sense of having the election. There are those who don't trust in the process of the election. There are those who don't trust the means and ways(ballot, paper, pen, ink, machines and people) of the election. There are those who don't even trust the results of the election. Well, here we are, afloat to the tide of how our election proceeds and done. At least, for the life of me, I see some changes: 1) Politicians no longer promise the very impossible. At least, they're now going practical and still seemingly odd promises. 2) Less use of pamphlets that clutter the streets and stickers on walls on every inch. They now hang tarpaulins. 3) People are more aware of whom they vote and the strategy to keeping the money the politician is giving and still vote for those they like ... actually, there are a lot more. BUT, let me end here while others can say more. I really hope the election's over so the elected politicians can really do more. (And so I hope)

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