Monday, January 17, 2011

GoDaddy domain transfer

When you sign up for godaddy hosting, it will try to identify the closest server farm from your location. The purpose of which is to make your access to the server faster -- less latency and DNS seeks.

However, at some point, this is condescending to the purpose of the site. You would want your server be closer to your intended audience rather than to yours.

Just today, I finished transfering some domains that are hosted on GD's Singapore server farms to their US server farms. My client is forced to get another hosting plan (extension of the offer from GD is a good reason). To transfer, you have just a few minutes to make the transfer. The transfer on a shared linux hosting entails as follows:

  1. Download webfiles to your localhost
  2. While you're downloading, create the database on the new host.
  3. Modify the config files for path and DB connection settings on your local copy
  4. Upload the files to the new host
  5. While you're doing #4, copy the database to your new host
  6. When #5 is done, delete the domain from the old host
  7. Create the domain on the new host. An error will be displayed if the domain is not yet cleared from the old host.
  8. Traceroute for the new domain to resolve to the new host. You may have to modify the DNS server.
  9. Create FTP account for the specific domain if necessary
  10. Test the new site with the configurations set

It's essential to have the fastest Internet connection available to facilitate the smooth transfer.

Should you need assistance soon, you can email aingelcarbonell_at_gmail_dot_com.

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