Thursday, January 20, 2011

Green - economical, minimal polution, earth-friendly

Talk about "green ideas" and a lot of people find it differently:

  • green-minded? yeah, you can guess
  • earth-friendly? in ads? in products? in ways and wastes?
  • just color them green

Yesterday, I am acquainted with something really cool. Cool that I'd like to get one right away. If only I have more reasons to get one, I should have asked someone get it for me -- without thinking how much it cost.

Yesterday, I met a few models of ELECTRIC SCOOTERS -- the kind where there's no smoke, almost ninja-move silence, almost  no-maintenance, regular-looking.. (oh I have a lot in mind to describe it away from the regular ones I know.

They are battery operated, no oils needed, no sparkplugs to clean, no Transportation Registration necessary.

They come in models that differs in wattage and a few features. Wattages range from 400 to 650, at least for the models on display and can bring you to 80-100 kilometers on a battery charge. One, you can drive manually or turbo-speed the scooter. Charging is just as simple as putting on the plug as you do with any appliance.

If you are not convinced by the basic idea that its economical, eco-friendly, easy to operate and costs less than half the price of a regular gasoline-operated scooters, the design can deceive you with the absence of the exhaust pipe.

One thing that some riders look for is the speed. These models only can max 50 kilometers per hour. Forget about the sound, it's silent as wheels on friction with the road.

I'm putting up the site for info on how to get one.


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